Priorities and Platform


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General philosophy and specific policy items.

Community First

This is local government. Our actions should be predicated on one basic question: What is important to and best for our community?

Fiscal Responsibility

Supporting and advocating for fiscally responsible budgets and initiatives that save taxpayers money while maintaining the quality of city services and infrastructure.

Public Safety

The chief responsibility of government is the safety and well-being of its citizens. Locally, that primarily means ensuring Police and Fire have the resources they need to maintain our high standards.

Public Infrastructure

Constructing and maintaining public infrastructure – roads, sidewalks, sewer and other utility assets – must remain a top focus in city budgets.

Quality Services

City leadership is responsible for ensuring that staff are provided the resources and training they need to continue providing high-quality services to residents across all departments.

Economic Development

Whether downtown, in the business park, or anywhere else within city limits, Sheboygan should be a location of choice for businesses small and large alike.


Both internally and externally, all rules, policies, and ordinances should be applied consistently from individual to individual.

Focused Budgets

Prioritization of the core responsibilities of a local government should be reflected in each annual budget.

Measured Governance

Codes, regulations, ordinances et al have impact on the everyday lives of citizens. All proposals should carefully balance benefit and necessity against the new burdens created.

Long-Term Vision

As the policy-making body for the City, the Common Council must consider the long-term impacts of all decisions made. Actions taken should be informed by long-term goals.

Community Character

Growth and development are a reality of a healthy community. In pursuing these ends though, we must remember what made Sheboygan such a vibrant community in the first place.

Responsive Representation

Residents deserve representatives that will hear and work to address their concerns. I have and will continue to strive to be expedient, thorough, and effective in this responsibility.

Internal Operations

Smooth internal operations create the environment where efficient, high-quality services can be provided to residents – all while keeping taxpayer costs as low as possible.

Employer of Choice

Attracting strong candidates to open positions and providing the type of fulfilling and supportive work environment that promotes retention of current employees.

Housing Availability

Addressing the shortage of available housing generally as well as the lack of affordable options for the entire community.